The Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC) is a bit of a weird place. The building its self if a knockoff Frank Lloyd Write and the lower floors seem more like a mall than an art centre. The exhibitions which are on the upper floors of the building are a mix of established international and Thai artists, which tend to lean more to the safe and conservative side of things. 

The most interesting exhibitions though can be found in what is called the People’s Gallery. Three glass fronted empty shop units on the buildings second floor. These three spaces hold monthly exhibitions by less established local artists.

This month’s selection of artists on display are Waranyou Changpradit, Sita Inyai and Panya Buasudta.

All three had some interesting works on display. Changpradit’s intricate blue and white paintings look like giant Chinese pottery designs mixed with Art Nouveau women. The intricate fine blue lines look almost like ball point pen marks, while the figures in the paintings come complete with extra eyes and more fingers than you can count. 

Next door is the monochromatic work of Sita Inyai. Large red tubular mesh sculptures hang on solitary wires from the ceiling. Skeletal like these pieces look like giant rib cages stripped of flesh. There are also some beautiful monoprints that accompany the sculptures.

Last is the work of Buasudta, entitled ‘Black Figure with Obsessions. Dark black ink prints that look almost like Rorschach ink blot tests are embellished with small red eyes creating eerily dreamlike monsters.

If you are in Bangkok this August don’t miss this great collection of work, by some of Thailands rising talents.