About Alexander


Thanks for stopping by my store. Im Alexander Kyriacou. I make artwork and occasionally take photos too. I spend most of my time in Bangkok, Thailand and London, UK. Heres a quick biography of me incase you were wondering.

Born in 1986 in North London to Greek Cypriot immigrant parents, I made the big mistake of going to art school and not business school. I studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Art in 2009. After that I decided to get a Masters Degree in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion. Whilst studying for my masters I started working as a photographers assistant at a big commercial studio.

I was lucky enough to work for some amazing photographers, and even had some of my own photoshoots publish in fashion magazines. But after graduating and working full time in the fashion industry for a few years I realised this wasn’t the right fit for me. So I took some time and decided to go travelling. That how I ended up in Bangkok, where I am now. By day I’m an art teacher and by night an artist.

Digital art is my most common medium. Illustrations and photo collages. Occasionally I paint and make analogue work too.

A few years ago I started creating my continuous collage on instagram, people seem to like it and I enjoy making it.

Thats all. If you buy a print, Thank You, it really means a lot.